Saturday, 8 September 2018

Greenford Police LE Update

Greenford Police LE

It has taken ages to get the flywheel off this Lucas electrics engine. First I had to get hold of the correct extraction tool only available from the LE club tool loan department and that seemed to take forever to arrive. The flywheel was supposed to come off with light pressure and a tap on the end of the extraction tool. That didn’t happen. 

It was so secure on the taper with woodruff key that I had to drill out the key before it would move. Even then it needed constant high load to move it fractions of a millimetre. The generator rotor that is in front of the flywheel would not go over the thread at the end of the crankshaft and I borrowed a suitable puller from my mate Bob to get it off the last bit. Finally it came off and I still could not see why it had been so difficult. In comparison the oil seal that was leaking was quickly replaced and everything back together with the engine running in a matter of a few hours. I certainly don’t get this sort of problem with the Miller generator flywheel. 

The engine and gearbox are now ready to be returned to the museum and it is now time to get on with the body work. 

Transformed into this.

I have cleaned up and repaired the leg shields that now have a new coat of paint on. I have found a radiator and that is now bolted into the front subframe and ready for assembly. I need to keep things as component parts so I can move them around easily. Progress has been quite slow but other things get in the way. In August I went off to the 2CVGB National Rally and managed to be part of the Cromer Carnival Parade. 

The El Cid was decked out with marigold garlands and Gita and I were in traditional Assamese costumes. While staying in North Walsham a visit to both the Norfolk Motorcycle Museum and the Caister Car Museum had to be done. The Norfolk Motorcycle Museum has regular exhibits on show but there are always interesting bikes passing through that they are working on.

Bradshaws oil boiler in this OK.

The Caister Car Museum has quite a few motorcycles on display but many are at the back and end on so they are not easy to see. I do hope they move these around and get some better lighting so there is a better view. Needless to say another pleasant visit. 

Having travelled to Norfolk and past Snetterton many times even being a mechanic at a 2CV 24 hour race in 2004 it is not that far but just seems ages to get there and of course a trip to the distillery just a few miles away is in order at some point. Norfolk has some great country lanes and can be enjoyed on any capacity bike. Worth a visit for the quiet life.

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