Sunday, 27 May 2018

West Coast Road Trip 3

West Coast 3

Breakfast included at the hotel so we were able to make an early start in making our way to Big Sur towards our next hotel in Morro Bay. First stop was Laguna Seca raceway. The magical place that has a corkscrew and entertainment by the bucket full in World Superbikes and MotoGP. We were so close I had to visit. The lady at the gate was very helpful in that as we were just doing a quick visit and a volunteer at the LMM she refunded my money for the day pass as we stayed less than an hour. I didn’t get to see all the track as it was being used for a track day and some areas were not accessible. When you see it on TV it is so much different from when you are there and identifying corners is difficult when there are no real land marks to refer to.

Next on the list that morning was Moto Talbott Collection another museum I had contacted before leaving home but as events turned out no one was around to let me I. I had come on spec as they had said the boss was out of town and the other guy was going to be busy, but they said they would see what could be done. I left fliers and a note at the local grocery store in Carmel Valley. The lady there said they frequently come in for sandwiches when they are busy. It was not a big detour. Laguna Seca was only ten miles east from our hotel and Carmel Valley was on the way to Big Sur.

Route One had only just opened after the winter land slides and got us to Big Sur and an equally big lunch. The direct route to Morro Bay was still closed so to get there we took a mountain road over to Highway 101. This was the Nacimiento-Furgusson Road a delightful two hours of climbs and descents switch backs and hairpins with no safety barriers, just you, sky and valley on a narrow road. 

A real test of driving skill but reaching speeds of no more that 40mph! We had been warned at Big Sur that you could not take pictures or stop as there was a $5000 fine if you did. Well that may have been the case if you stopped in the military base where the road ends however the views on this road were worth the effort. We were not alone on this road and I think the fear was unjustified as each person we asked said the recommended route was to go back to Monterey! I think they were just trying to put people off because if this road was full of traffic no one would be going anywhere. Just like Cornwall in the summer. The road was a bit wider than a Cornish lane. You can check this out on YouTube if you want.

Morro Bay was reached by the end of the afternoon. It was a sleepy place with most action being done by the seals in the harbour and a nice sunset.

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